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Quality Bladder
Protection for Men

Shipped discreetly to your doorstep each month.

Complete bladder protection

Our unique
absorption core

We partnered with urologists at Stanford Medical Center to develop cutting-edge new materials. Our pads and underwear are 25% more absorbent than leading brands* - that means less leaks, better protection, and more comfort.

*For example, US Industry average is 1200mL absorbency for an overnight product - ours is over 1500mL.


Always the
perfect fit

Contoured with a
next-generation cotton blend for optimal fit and comfort. A new kind of adaptive absorbent material holds snugly in place and eliminates leakage. Our proven fit quiz will guide you towards the perfect customized fit.


No bulking

Premium quality cotton-like fabric holds snugly in place without bulking up under pants or dresses. Making it feel like underwear, not like a diaper.

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“Good product that works well at a reasonable price. The convenience of auto shipping seals the deal.”

William A.

Drier, cleaner, no more odors

Engineered leg openings with full elastic coverage prevent outside leaks. Double-stitching in the leg barrier provides exceptional protection and reduces odors.

Available in three absorbencies, Moderate and Maximum for during the day and Overnight for the nighttime.

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Why Because

The best quality for the price. Made in the USA.

Personal guidance to find the perfect products for you.

Descreetly packaged and shipped for free to your doorstep.

Easy, adjustable, and flexible subscription.

Exclusive access to monthly special offers and newsletters.

Dedicated product specialists can help you with anything.

2. OUR Guards

Simply better

Advanced new materials in the Because line were developed with urologists at Stanford Medical Center. A new and unique absorption core captures and holds moisture quickly and completely. A new, softer kind of quick-drying outer layer wicks liquid away from your body, keeping you dry and comfortable.

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“These pads are so soft & comfortable! Love them!” “They are soft, absorbent, and comfortable. I no longer have any
excoriated skin, and don't
need to worry about odors.
Thank you!”

Key B

Invisible and thin

Super locking adhesive will keep the pad in place. Anatomically designed just for women, the invisible profile and hourglass shape of Because pads keeps them thin so they fit in any underwear.

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Definitely invisible

Anatomically designed to offer cup shaped protection, our guards are used in your own briefs or boxer briefs. Our guards provide the protection you need to get back into your running shoes or daily activities.

Available in three absorbencies, Moderate and Maximum for during the day and Overnight absorbencies several length options.

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Why Men love Because

Around 50% of leaks happen because of incorrect fit.
Us versus the rest
Us versus the rest THE REST
Average absorption 25% more (1500mL) 1200mL
Great fit
Delivery to your doorstep
Personal care and advice
Customer satisfaction
5 star rating
3.1 star rating

A smarter way to try

The Because fit quiz was developed and honed by helping tens of thousands of members find their perfect fit. The options in your trial pack are thoughtfully selected based on the specifics of your needs.

Our product specialists are here for you.

We’re here to help. Email us and our customer care team will reply.

We’re here to help.

Email us and our customer care team will reply.